Holding the Twenty-Second International Quran Exhibition

University - Twenty-second International Quran Exhibition will be held from 2 to 22 July this year.


Public Relations University of Applied Science, Applied Science University doctor dr Vice social and cultural expression said: Every year the International Fair of Quran Quranic battleground achievements and products in the areas of research, art is. The exhibition also focus seminar scholars, researchers and artists in conferences and meetings of the Koran which to discuss and exchange ideas pay.

  He was also part of the exhibit academic, social and cultural division under the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology is run by the universities of the country and the products exhibited in this part of the Qur'an itself.
Doctor dr academics interested in the end, especially the families of Applied Sciences in Tehran province and neighboring provinces are invited to visit the exhibition.
Address: Tehran Highway - Haqqani - Next Metro Haqqani - Sacred Defense Museum Garden
  Visiting hours: from 18 to 24

By عماد وزیری  |  2014/07/02  |  617 Visits

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