Advanced workshop for theater students learn the basics of Applied Sciences

University - Advanced Training Workshop on Foundations of Applied Science Theater students held.


Public Relations Applied Science University, doctor Reza Mirzai, vice president of social, cultural and university said the committee plans to continue performing arts college in 1393, Advanced Training Workshop on Foundations of Theater, Applied Science students, teachers attended the Technical Committee was held at the University of Performing Arts. This course aims to deepen students' familiarity with the concepts of elite performing arts, especially theater and valuable experiences for the students was held.

  He continued training courses as well as other technical committees of the performing arts, in the form of audiovisual package and a virtual teaching assistant on the site was off line and Applied Science students will be available.
He again stressed that this year all students in selected national and international festivals, performing arts, advanced teaching assistant will be covered this year as well as dozens of nationally and internationally in the field of Applied Science University is brought.

By عماد وزیری  |  2014/07/02  |  534 Visits

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