W.Azarbaijan to set up int’l archeology center

Art & Culture - An international archeology center will be established in Bastam Castle in Chaipareh, West Azarbaijan province, said the head of Iranian Center for Archeological Research.


Hamideh Choubak added that Bastam Castle is considered the third Urartu site located seven kilometers of Qareh Ziaeddin, north of the province.

“The center will play a positive role in drawing international cooperation for gathering archeological and historical data,” Tuesdayˈs edition of ˈIran Dailyˈ quoted her as saying.

“It can also turn into an important center for generating knowledge, sustainable jobs and tourism revenues across the province and country.”

Choubak said the Cultural Heritage Department seeks to establish an archeology museum and hold an international Urartulogy seminar.

Based on an Urartu inscription, the castle dates back to 645 BCE.

Located on top of a mountain near Bastam Village, the castle attracts many visitors.

Urartu civilization emerged in west of Azarbaijan, east of Anatolia and north of Kurdestan.

It was near Lake Van and Armenia heights. Its inhabitants were ancestors of Georgians and Armenians. They ruled the region from 1500-600 BCE.

The castle is abandoned.

The Urartu monuments include an eastern building, residential district, a castle and water canal.

The castle was built in three stages over 50 years. It includes a temple, bazaar, ruling headquarters and secret exit ways.

A German archeological team conducted excavations in Bastam and four Urartu castles—one in Bastam and three others in Oghlou Castle—Ozoup Tappeh and Ashaqi Qoril during 1969-78.

Archeologists discovered a damaged Urartu inscription and many pottery and metal relics.

By Mojtaba Rahbari  |  2014/07/02  |  571 Visits  |  IRNA

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